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What KB MB GB mean and how to read them

What KB MB GB mean and how to read them

This sometimes stumps a lot of people. Even I have to stop and think about it from time to time. KB,MB & GB are all units of disk space. Each ones shows how much can be stored on that disk. By “disk” I mean a hard drive, flash drive, DVD or CD and so on. So how does it work?


Ok let’s say you have a marble, a golf ball, a base ball, a basketball and an exercise ball. Each one of these will represent one unit of disk space like this;

marble = 1 byte or B

golf ball = 1 kilobyte or KB

base ball = 1 megabyte or MB

basketball = 1 gigabyte or GB

exercise ball = 1 terabyte or TB

You will need 1024 of each type to make 1 of the next level. For example;

you need 1,024 bytes to get one kilobyte or 1,024 marbles to make 1 golf ball

you need 1,024 kilobytes to get one megabyte or 1,024 golf balls to make 1 base ball

you need 1,024 megabytes to get one gigabyte or 1,024 base balls to make 1 basketball

you need 1,024 gigabyte to get one terabyte or 1,024 basketballs to make 1 exercise ball


So now you know. That’s a lot of balls!

I hope this helps! HEHE!




RED- Remove Empty Directories

Remove Empty Directories or RED for short, is a program that can search your hard drive for folders that are empty and remove them. This can have a big impact on your disk space. The first time I ran this little gem I saved almost a full Gig of space! (Yes, that is a lot! See this post to see a breakdown)

You can download RED here –>   Remove Empty Directories <–

There are not too many settings to set up and this will mostly be based on personal preference. For example, I have mine set to just send them to the recycle bin. Here are my settings if you would like to do this as well;

This is a REALLY handy program to have and it is freeware,meaning the author does not charge for this program. It is free. If you like it then please drop the author an email and let him know.