What KB MB GB mean and how to read them

What KB MB GB mean and how to read them

This sometimes stumps a lot of people. Even I have to stop and think about it from time to time. KB,MB & GB are all units of disk space. Each ones shows how much can be stored on that disk. By “disk” I mean a hard drive, flash drive, DVD or CD and so on. So how does it work?


Ok let’s say you have a marble, a golf ball, a base ball, a basketball and an exercise ball. Each one of these will represent one unit of disk space like this;

marble = 1 byte or B

golf ball = 1 kilobyte or KB

base ball = 1 megabyte or MB

basketball = 1 gigabyte or GB

exercise ball = 1 terabyte or TB

You will need 1024 of each type to make 1 of the next level. For example;

you need 1,024 bytes to get one kilobyte or 1,024 marbles to make 1 golf ball

you need 1,024 kilobytes to get one megabyte or 1,024 golf balls to make 1 base ball

you need 1,024 megabytes to get one gigabyte or 1,024 base balls to make 1 basketball

you need 1,024 gigabyte to get one terabyte or 1,024 basketballs to make 1 exercise ball


So now you know. That’s a lot of balls!

I hope this helps! HEHE!